(Available as a Free Download with “When The Stone Shepherds Awaken”. Turn to inner sleeve after titles and follow links.)

31 Fact Sheets.

The concise companion piece to read with The Sabienn Feel Adventures.

Includes: The map of the planet Whee showing where the events of each of the twelve books will take place.

Also within: The map of Hayddland, showing places you will go to when reading When The Stone Shepherds Awaken. Book One: The Sabienn Feel Adventures.

You will also have the following answered:

  • What happened to The Great Leader, Orr Benn Kee, Hayddland’s supreme dictator, when he was ten years old that would change the course of the world?
  • What happened during the Purge when all recorded history was erased from the planet?
  • What is the insult in the title of Rotnadge-Minora that had the native inhabitants seething?

Stories From The Distant Planet is the must-have precis of ten thousand years of history within the planet of Whee which lives through and has come to compel Sabienn Feel to his quest.

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