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“It looks like it’s official. I think the Chief’s finished.” In the near future, within the changing face of North Queensland, new cities have been formed. Callard City lies in this opulent “Big Sugar” region. Three of the Councillors of the Callard City Council, Mayor Arthur Pauley, Councillors Milton Pauley and Lance Tapp, seek the removal of a chief public servant, John Hennessy. Hennessy has crossed swords with the politicians out of his loyalty to his charges, Kevin Fitch, James McLaren, and Vince Tomasi.

To repay this loyalty, Kevin, James and Vince, three lowly public servants, band together to save their Chief’s job. A Council election is about to occur. If the corrupt Councillors win, their boss is gone. So what action is required? “Gentlemen. Let’s not get upset. Let’s get even.”


Interview with the Author

Q – What inspired you to write The Big Sugar Election?

A – I originally wrote this book back in 1990 and it had the most unusual title, “Tea for the Headless Horseman.” It mainly pertained to a workplace at the time when there was a loyalty of workers to a boss and a loyalty of a boss back to the workers. I rewrote the book in 2007 and now I’ve found the entire workplace has changed. In my opinion, modern management really couldn’t care less about the staff anymore. So it’s funny, it’s set in a future city, but it’s almost a historical novel.

Q – Tell us about the book?

A – I think it’s a good book. It’s an adventure. There’s conflict and betrayal, government corruption, revenge against politicians with their snouts in the trough and the banding together of friends all in good humour. I was actually a public servant myself. Although the events in this book are completely made up, you do get to see things and hear things. There’s a lot of material there for a book. And this is it.

Q – So, why should readers give this book a try?

A – I have had people read this book who didn’t work where I work but they could identify with the office surrounds and the usual office politics. People should read it because they might see themselves and their friends. Once again, I’m immensely grateful that anyone is reading my books. I just hope they like it.

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